Rafał K. Warzecha

(born 1978 in Poland)

Rafał K. Warzecha

Wrocław (Poland), 2019

In the early 90s he became interested in photography. So he went to study at the University of Photography in Jelenia Góra in Lower Silesia, Poland. Since 2002 he has been professionally working with artistic photography. In addition to his work as a lecturer at the academies of fine arts in Warsaw and Wrocław, he leads workshops on ancient photography techniques in the Old Photography Techniques Lovers Club.

In 2006 he reinvented the pigment technique (carbo), which is one of the most difficult methods and is therefore considered the queen of image techniques. In his artistic work he mainly uses classical photographic techniques, such as the photographic oil technique, as well as the silver albotype and albumin methods, which are part of the gold and platinum tinting process (aurotype and platinotype). He worked together with the outstanding photo artist and chemist Andrzej Pytliński (died 2020 in the age of 87).

In addition to his artistic work, he also runs a photo agency in which he produces commercial photographs using old techniques.